Rafael Nadal, astéroïde numéro 128036 découvert par les astronomes de l'Observatoire astronomique de Majorque et dont le nom a été donné en l'honneur de Rafael Nadal. Quotes. Murray lost three consecutive Grand Slam semifeenals tae Nadal in 2011 frae the French Open tae the US Open. In his seicont match against Juan Martín del Potro, Nadal did nae win a single service gemme in the first set but came back tae win the match.[142]. [107][108] Bi this win, Nadal acame the first man tae win the three Masters series on clay an the French Open. 20 Andre Agassi in straucht sets at Agassi's last career match at Wimbledon. Rafael Nadal est un joueur de tennis espagnol qui est actuellement numéro 2 mondial au classement de l'ATP 1. [218] Nadal himsel haes admittit tae the physical toll haurd courts place on ATP Tour players, calling for a reevaluatit tour schedule featurin fewer haurd court tournaments. At the Shanghai Masters, Nadal wis tap seed wi the absence o Novak Djokovic, but wis upset in the third roond bi No. He is a part of the Spain Davis Cup team and has won the cup four times, in 2004, 2008, 2009, and 2011. Nadal remains a passionate Real Madrid supporter; ESPN.com writer Graham Hunter wrote, "He's as Merengue as [Real Madrid icons] Raúl, Iker Casillas and Alfredo Di Stéfano. In the feenal, he faced Stanislas Wawrinka, against whom he entered the match wi a 12-0 record, haein won aw o thair previous 26 sets. Thay hae never met in a Slam feenal, houiver, Murray leads 3–1 in ATP feenals, wi Nadal winning at Indian Wells in 2009[200] an Murray winnin in Rotterdam the same year,[201] Tokyo[202] in 2011, an Madrid in 2015. Nadal ended his tennis saison wi the Mubadala World Tennis Championship, an exhibeetion tournament nae affiliatit wi the ATP. On European clay, Nadal won aw fower tournaments he entered an 24 consecutive matches. Nadal won 79 matches, seicont anly tae Federer's 81. Atween the tournaments in Barcelona an Rome, Nadal defeatit Federer in the "Battle o Surfaces" exhibeetion match in Mallorca, Spain, wi the tennis court bein hauf grass an hauf clay. I have to thank Iker, my project partner, who went all out for it, [...] That is why the time has come to set up my own foundation and determine the destination of the money. He defeatit Andy Murray in straucht sets tae reach his fowert Wimbledon feenal. Unlik in previous years, Nadal next chose tae skip the Barcelona tournament (despite bein that event's five-time defendin champion), an his next tournament wis the 2010 Internazionali BNL d'Italia. He defeatit Jarkko Nieminen, Mikhael Kukushkin, Stanislas Wawrinka, an Gilles Simon afore topping warld No. In the quarterfeenals, Nadal haed a haurd time against Croatian Ivo Karlović, an in the semifeenals he met Juan Martín del Potro. Rafael Nadal Parera (b.3 Haziran 1986, Manacor, Mallorca), yew teniswano İspanyolo.Tarixê tenisi de grand slami 9 rey qezenc kerdê tek merdımo.. Bıvênên. At the 2005 Australian Open, Nadal lost in the fowert roond tae eventual runner-up Lleyton Hewitt. [194][195] Thay hae an aa played in a record 12 Masters Series feenals. Efter restin for a month frae a fit injury sustained during Wimbledon, he contestit the 2011 Rogers Cup, whaur he wis shocked bi Croatian Ivan Dodig in a third-set tiebreak. K 5.11.2018 je 2. v medzinárodnom rebríčku ATP. Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera (IPA: [rafa'el na'ðal], sinh ngày 3 tháng 6 năm 1986 tại Manacor, Mallorca) là một vận động viên quần vợt chuyên nghiệp người Tây Ban Nha hiện đang giữ vị trí số 2 thế giới.Nadal được đánh giá là một trong những tay vợt xuất sắc nhất mọi thời đại. [164][191][192] Nadal leads on grass 2–1 an clay 14–5, but Djokovic leads on haurd courts 14–7. [87] He acame the first player tae win fower Rome teetles. 2 Andy Roddick, he helped Spain clinch the 2004 teetle ower the Unitit States in a 3–2 win. He lost in the semifeenals an first roond o his first twa tournaments an then lost in the quarterfeenals o the Australian Open tae eventual runner-up Fernando González. [92] Wi this loss, he relinquished the No. He has been ranked number one in the world. [242][243] an pairt o her album release She Wolf. In ane o the biggest upsets in Grand Slam history, Rosol defeatit Nadal in five sets. [241], In Februar 2010, Rafael Nadal wis featurt in the muisic video o Shakira's "Gypsy". Joachim Johansson, ranked warld No. [99] Efter examining Nadal's knees, doctors told him that he should tak twa weeks o rest, an then twa weeks o rehabilitation. Thir victories raised his ranking tae warld No. Rafael Nadal Parera (born 3 June 1986 in Manacor, Majorca, Spain) is a Spanish professional tennis player who has won 19 Grand Slam singles titles; twelve at the French Open, four at the US Open, two at Wimbledon and one at the Australian Open.He has been ranked number one in the world. He surpassed Federer's previous record of 528 weeks on November 9, 2019. Nadal has won 35 ATP Masters Series titles, a record, and the 2008 Olympic gold medal in singles. Nadal injured his shouder while playin a quarterfeenal match against Lleyton Hewitt at the Artois Championships, played on grass at the Queen's Club in Lunnon. Nadal won his 23rd ATP Masters 1000 tournament at the 2013 Mutua Madrid Open, beatin Wawrinka, despite previously haein been twa pynts frae defeat in his quarterfeenal against David Ferrer. Nadal then played Federer in the feenal o Wimbledon for the third consecutive year, in the maist anticipatit match o thair rivalry. The third set ended in a tiebreak, wi Djokovic winning. The pair set a new warld record, breaking the latest langest major singles feenal atween Mats Wilander an Ivan Lendl, which lastit 4 oors an 54 minutes, at the US Open in 1988.[149]. [4] He is widely regardit as the greatest clay court player in history[a] an haes been nicknamed "The King of Clay. Tenismenul spaniol Rafael Nadal, locul 5 ATP, a câștigat întrecerea demonstrativă de la Abu Dhabi (Emiratele Arabe Unite), pentru a treia oară în cariera sa. Nadal began the year in Indie, whaur he wis comprehensively beaten bi Mikhail Youzhny in the feenal o the Chennai Open. [160] Nadal's widrawal subsequently saw him drop oot o the ATP's Tap Four for the first time syne 2005.[161]. Nadal wis then the leader in terms o matches won in the year, wi 29. 1 and Career Grand Slam, 2013: Eighth French Open, second US Open title, return to No. Early in his career, Nadal acame kent for his habit o bitin the trophies he won. 12 Jürgen Melzer in the third roond, snapping his record streak o 21 consecutive Masters quarterfeenals. The twa earlier shared the record for the langest match played in a best o three sets (4 oors an 3 minutes) at the 2009 Mutua Madrid Open semifeenals until the match atween Roger Federer an Juan Martín del Potro in the London 2012 Olympics Semifinal, which is the langest best-of-three-set match bi time (at 4 oors an 26 minutes). [232] Nadal uses an AeroPro Drive racquet wi a 4​1⁄4-inch L2 grip. Nadal lost in the semifeenal tae Fabio Fognini at the Rio Open, afore going on tae win his 46th career clay-court teetle against Juan Monaco at the Argentina Open. Insgesamt stand er 196 Wochen an deren Spitze. Later in September, Nadal helped Spain secure thair Davis Cup World Group Playoff spot for 2014, wi a veectory against Sergiy Stakhovsky an a doubles win wi Marc Lopez. He has rivalries against Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. Nadal said: "I chose tennis. [260], Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge, Warld rankins – Tap ten tennis players as o week of 28 Mey 2018, 2008: French Open, Wimbledon, Olympic Gold & ascent to No. 23 ranked Florian Mayer in straucht sets. "[b] His evolution intae an aw-court threat haes established him as ane o the greatest players in tennis,[c] wi some considering Nadal tae be the greatest player o aw time. [42] Later that year, Nadal played his first match against warld No. Interestingly, haed he won, he wad hae faced Roger Federer in the next roond. Efter the Spanish Davis Cup team haed secured its fowert Davis Cup veectory, Nadal defeatit Jan Hájek in the first Davis Cup dead rubber o his career. He an aa lost in the doubles feenal (wi Juan Mónaco). [31] Nadal an aa acame the first left-handed man tae win the US Open syne John McEnroe in 1984. [207][208] Nadal's forehand groundstroke form allows him tae hit shots wi hivy topspin – mair sae than mony o his contemporaries.[209]. He acame the first player tae win aw three clay-court Masters teetles in a single year an the first player tae win three consecutive Masters events. Rafael Nadal Parera (Manacor, Spanyolország, 1986. június 3. Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera (IPA: [rafa'el na'ðal], sinh ngày 3 tháng 6 năm 1986 tại Manacor, Mallorca) là một vận động viên quần vợt chuyên nghiệp người Tây Ban Nha hiện đang giữ vị trí số 2 thế giới.Nadal được đánh giá là một trong những tay vợt xuất sắc nhất mọi thời đại. On 8 Julie 2010, it wis reportit that he haed acome a shareholder o RCD Mallorca, his local club bi birth, in an attempt tae assist the club frae debt. It wis an aa his fowert teetle o the saison, an his saxt consecutive feenal. As in 2006, Nadal wis upset in the quarterfeenals. 1 doubles player in a feenal. In Juin 2009, Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, an then The New York Times, reportit that his parents, Ana Maria an Sebastian, haed separated. [100] He an countryman López won the doubles teetle, tho, as wildcard entrants against nummer ane seeds Daniel Nestor an Nenad Zimonjić. He haes won at least ane Masters 1000 an ane ATP 500 series toornament for 10 year efter ither. În prezent este locul 2 mondial.Nadal este considerat unul dintre cei mai mari tenismeni din istorie și cel mai mare jucător de tenis pe zgură din toate timpurile. This merked Nadal's 11t consecutive veectory in a Major semifeenal (seicont anly tae Borg's aw-time record o 14), an advanced him tae his 19t Major feenal, tyin him wi Lendl for seicont aw-time behind Federer's 24. In 2002, at the age o 16, Nadal reached the semifeenals o the Boy's Singles tournament at Wimbledon, in his first ITF junior event. [236] During the 2010 French Open, Men's Fitness reportit that Nadal wore the Richard Mille watch on the court as pairt o a sponsorship deal wi the Swiss watchmaker. Nadal then entered the 2010 Mutua Madrileña Madrid Open, whaur he haed finished runner-up the previous year. The win ower warld No. Nadal haed a bye intae the semifeenals an played against David Ferrer, who defeatit Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in the quarterfeenals. [44][45], He then dominatit the spring clay court saison. Nadal beat David Ferrer, Stanislas Wawrinka an Tomáš Berdych in the Roond Robin stage tae set up a semi feenal an veectory ower Roger Federer. Rafael Nadal has spent the last 795* consecutive weeks in the ATP Tour's top-10. [36], When Nadal wis 12, he won the Spanish an European tennis teetles in his age group an wis playin tennis an football aw the time. On 15 August, Nadal annoonced his widrawal frae the US Open in New York, as he felt he still wis nae healthy eneuch tae compete. 2 spot with victory", "Rafael Nadal wins Abu Dhabi exhibition title", "Ljubicic Shows Heart in semi-final Win Over Nadal", "Lopez/Nadal Upset Top Seeds To Take Doubles Title", "Emirates ATP Doubles Ranking on 22.03.2010", "Tennis – ATP World Tour – Tennis Players – Rafael Nadal", "Unstoppable Nadal Captures Sixth Straight Title", "Soderling Stuns Federer For Semi-final Berth; Battle For No. 2 on 6 Julie 2009. Rafael Nadal wis born in Manacor, Balearic Islands, Spain, tae Sebastián Nadal, a businessman who ains an insurance company, a gless an windae company, Vidres Mallorca, an manages his ain restaurant, Sa Punta. Efter losin the first set, Nadal suffered a back injury doun 2-0 in the seicont set, an awtho he won a set, he lost the match in fower sets. Baith Nadal an Federer won eleven singles teetles an fower ATP Masters Series teetles in 2005. He then defeatit compatriot David Ferrer in the feenal for his fift teetle at Rome tae equal Andre Agassi's record o winnin 17 ATP Masters teetles. [154] Nadal anly lost a tot o three sets in the 2012 clay court saison. 2 ranking efter Andy Murray's early exit.[95]. [55] Nadal wis unable tae complete the match, which ended his 26-match winning streak. [259] Nadal's autobiography, Rafa (Hyperion, 2012, ISBN 1401310923), written wi assistance frae John Carlin, wis published in August 2011. It's very, very nice. The follaein week, Nadal lost tae Tomáš Berdych in the quarterfeenals o the year's last Masters Series tournament, the Mutua Madrileña Masters in Madrid. Three o thir matches war five set-matches (2007 an 2008 Wimbledon, 2009 Australian Open), an the 2008 Wimbledon feenal haes been lauded as the greatest match ever bi mony lang-time tennis analysts.[65][188][189][190]. Efter a month-lang break frae tournament tennis, Nadal played the Mutua Madrileña Masters in Madrid an the BNP Paribas Masters in Paris. This wis Nadal's first tour feenal syne Doha earlier in the year. In November 2013, Nadal played his feenal event o the saison in Lunnon at the 2013 ATP Warld Tour Finals whaur he secured the year end Warld Nummer Ane spot. Nadal defeatit Ruben Bemelmans. Nadal defeatit Jarkko Nieminen, Richard Gasquet, Ivan Ljubičić, an Andy Murray tae reach his seivent consecutive feenal in Monte Carlo. In the semifeenals, he lost tae eventual runner up, Andy Murray. Þetta æviágrip er stubbur . profesionalni je španjolski tenisač i trenutačno svjetski broj 2. He has published Els Mandarins (Columna, 2011); Quan érem feliços (Destino, 2012); Quan en dèiem xampany (Columna, 2013); La Maledicció dels Palmisano (Columna, 2015), a bestseller published in 22 languages; and La senyora Stendhal (Columna, 2017).. Fans. He then lost tae Fernando Verdasco, who he held a 13–0 record against in the third roond 7–5 in the third, efter blowing a 4–0 feenal set lead. Konsiderohet si një nga tenistët më të … He defeatit Tomáš Berdych tae reach his third feenal in the exhibition tournament. Bein ane o the tap aicht seeds, he received a bye in the first roond. Efter the win, Nadal said that winning Wimbledon wis "more than a dream" for him, an thanked the crowd for bein baith kynd an supportive tae him an his adversary during the match an in the semifeenal against Andy Murray. Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera (Catalan: [rəf(ə)ˈɛl nəˈðal pəˈɾeɾə], Spanish: [rafaˈel naˈðal paˈɾeɾa]; born 3 June 1986) is a Spanish professional tennis player currently ranked world No. In August 2013, Nadal won the semifeenal match in Montreal, denying Djokovic his fowert Rogers Cup teetle. [94] Despite the loss, he regained the No. Houiver, his performance at the event guaranteed that he wad acome the first Spaniard during the open era tae finish the year as the warld No. 51. At the Australian Open, he defeatit Roger Federer tae reach his third Australian Open feenal, improving his career record against Federer tae 23–10. The next ATP tour event wis the 2009 Miami Masters. Na edición de 2008, aínda que participou nas eliminatorias, non xogou a final debido a unha tendinite. [164] Nadal proceeded tae win the teetle efter beatin Milos Raonic in the feenal in straucht sets. [29] On 8 Juin 2014, Nadal defeatit Novak Djokovic in the Men's Singles French Open final tae win his 9t French Open teetle an a 5t straicht win at Roland Garros. [75], At the 2009 Australian Open, Nadal won his first five matches wioot dropping a set, afore defeatin compatriot Fernando Verdasco in the semifeenals in the seicont langest match in Australian Open history at 5 oors an 14 minutes. [147] The seicont roond against Tommy Haas, who haes never won a set against Rafael, wis tighter, but Nadal again advanced in three straucht sets. 2 spot tae Andy Murray on 17 August 2009, ranking ootside the tap twa for the first time syne 25 Julie 2005. [35] This made Toni Nadal intensify training, an at that time he encouraged Nadal tae play left-handed for a naitural advantage on the tennis court, as he noticed Nadal played forehand shots wi twa haunds. 1 an No. Efter the loss, he annoonced that he will skip the rest o the saison. It wis confirmed that Nadal wis sufferin frae tendinitis in baith o his knees. Nadal's faimily turned doun this request, partly acause thay feared it wad hurt his eddication,[35] but an aa acause Toni said that "I don't want to believe that you have to go to America, or other places to be a good athlete. [129], At the 2011 BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, Nadal defeatit upcoming qualifier Rik de Voest in his first match. In anly thair seicont meetin o the year, Federer beat Nadal in the feenal. Rafael Nadal se je rodil 3. junija 1986 v Manacorju na Mallorci.Bil je prvorojenec matere Ana Marie in očeta Sebastiana. In the Australian Open, Nadal defeatit Peter Luczak, Lukáš Lacko, Philipp Kohlschreiber, an Ivo Karlović. About. As a result, Nadal clinched the US Open Series an, combined wi Federer's early-roond losses in baith o those tournaments, feenally earned the warld No. [151] Throughout the tournament, Nadal lost anly ane set, occurring in the feenal. He won his seicont Rogers Cup teetle in Toronto, an then made it intae the semifeenals o the Western & Southern Financial Group Masters in Cincinnati. [224][225] At warmup tournaments in Abu Dhabi an Doha, Nadal played matches in a polo shirt specifically designed for him bi Nike,[226] paired wi shorts cut abuin the knee. In daein sae, Nadal acame the first man in the open era tae hae won twa tournaments at least sax times each. Nadal stairtit 2011, bi pairteecipatin in the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi, Unitit Arab Emirates. At the World Tour Finals, Nadal lost aw three o his matches against Robin Söderling, Nikolay Davydenko, an Novak Djokovic respectively wioot winning a set. Despite the fact that poverty in Indie struck him parteecularly haurd, Nadal wants tae stairt bi helpin "people close by, in the Balearic Islands, in Spain, and then, if possible, abroad. Rafael Nadal Parera, detto Rafa (Manacor, 3 giugno 1986), è un tennista spagnolo, numero 2 della classifica ATP.. [109][110] He defeatit Paul-Henri Mathieu o Fraunce in the roond o 16 an in the quarterfeenals, he beat Robin Söderling o Swaden in fower sets. 1 rankin during the clay-coort saison an won his saxt French Open teetle bi defeatin Roger Federer.[140]. In the quarterfeenals, Nadal haed the first real test o the tournament whan he met the warld No. Últimos Tweets @RafaelNadal. 2 Roger Federer an warld No. This wis an aa the first time that Nadal won twa Grand Slam tournaments back-tae-back. The blue clay that haed troubled him the previous year thare haed been exchanged for the traditional red clay. He haes appeared in advertising campaigns for Kia as a global ambassador for the company. Rafael „Rafa” Nadal Parera (šp. [48] He then lost in the seicont roond o 2005 Wimbledon tae Gilles Müller o Luxembourg. Nadal won in straucht sets. At the Rome Masters, Nadal reached the feenal, whaur he defeatit Novak Djokovic tae improve his overall record tae 13–4 an clay record tae 8–0 against the Serb. [125], In the first roond o the Australian Open, Nadal defeatit Marcos Daniel. He wis stunned bi Nicolas Almagro in the quarterfeenals o the Barcelona Open. At the 2014 Shanghai Rolex Masters, he suffered frae appendicitis, therefore he eventually went doun bi Feliciano Lopez in straucht sets. In Julie, Nadal won the clay court Mercedes Cup in Stuttgart, which proved tae be his last teetle o the year. [237], Nadal replaced Cristiano Ronaldo as the new face o Emporio Armani Underwear an Armani Jeans for the spring/summer 2011 collection. [113] The win an aa gae Nadal his first "Old World Triple"; the last person tae achieve this wis Björn Borg in 1978 ("Old World Triple" is a term gien tae winning the Italian Open, French Open, an Wimbledon in the same year). Nadal began his Asian tour at the 2010 PTT Thailand Open in Bangkok whaur he reached the semifeenals, losin tae compatriot Guillermo García-López. Nadal wis the first Spanish man syne Manuel Santana in 1966, tae reach the Wimbledon feenal, but Federer won the match in fower sets tae win his fowert consecutive Wimbledon teetle. Efter widrawing frae Miami, Nadal attemptit tae defend his teetle at the 2013 Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, but, despite reachin the feenal for the ninth consecutive year, he wis beaten bi Djokovic in straucht sets. Nadal widrew frae the American swing due tae a wrist injury. In the seicont roond, he defeatit qualifier Oleksandr Dolgopolov, Jr. in straucht sets. Nadal an aa entered an won the tournament's doubles event wi pairtner Marc López, defeatin the warld No. Houiver, Nadal retained his No. He won 24 consecutive singles matches, which broke Andre Agassi's Open Era record o consecutive match wins for a male teenager. This run came tae an end on 31 Mey 2009, whan Nadal lost tae eventual runner-up, Robin Söderling in the 4t roond. 1, and Safina Shows Why She Isn't", "Nadal seals spot for ATP season finale in London", "Rafael Nadal has problems in both knees, will try to rehab in time for Wimbledon", "Rafael Nadal returns to tennis at Montreal Masters", "Tennis: Nadal knees hold up as he regains No. Quotes . During the roond-robin stage o the year-endin Tennis Masters Cup, Nadal lost tae James Blake but defeatit Nikolay Davydenko an Robredo. [115] Nadal an aa competit in the doubles wi Djokovic in a ane-time, heich-profile pairtnership o the warld No. During the spring clay-court saison, Nadal won fower singles teetles an defeatit Roger Federer in three feenals. In his first grass court tournament o the saison at Halle, Nadal advanced tae quarterfeenals, whaur he lost tae Philipp Kohlschreiber. Efter a ane-week break, Nadal won the Masters Series Internazionali BNL d'Italia in Rome, defeatin Federer in a fift-set tiebreaker in the feenal, efter saving twa match pynts an equaling Björn Borg's tally o 16 ATP teetles won as a teenager. [143] Ferrer won the match in straucht sets. –) spanyol hivatásos teniszező, 2008-tól többször világelső az ATP listáján, kétszeres olimpiai bajnok. He then played the sax-fit-nine-inch American John Isner. Darcis is the lowest-ranked player ever tae beat Nadal in a Grand Slam tournament. [164] Nadal an aa defeatit Djokovic in the 2013 US Open Final.